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E Commerce Development

Sell retail on line or take payment for services


Our Approach

If you sell retail products or need to accept payment for services, an ecommerce solution could be right for your business. People are getting more and more comfortable with purchasing or making payments on line, so why not take advantage of the opportunity? While we know that it doesn’t make sense for some businesses and we also know that it makes sense for many. The IMM ecommerce development team can set up a solution for 10 products or services or 1000 or more. Depending on your needs will depend on what solution we utilize. There are many advantages to implementing an ecommerce solution.



If you are sending out monthly recurring billing to customers, selling replacement parts or accessories or perhaps you are a non-profit and accept donations, ecommerce makes sense. It saves time and effort and in the case of selling retail items, you can also increase your volume of sales considerably with an ecommerce solution in place. IMM develops solutions that enable the customer to log in and change, delete or add products giving you control over what is presented.

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