August 5th, 2015

The importance of being Earnest… about SEO – Content Marketing Part II

Not to get insulting but if you are running a business and making decisions about marketing for your company but haven’t heard of SEO, we’re guessing you are still using a rotary phone and change the channel on your TV by standing up and walking across the room. That wasn’t kind but it does illustrate how important Search Engine Optimization means.

Search Engine Optimization

For years Google’s algorithm loved keywords and linking. So businesses built websites that were written for Google and not for their customers. Thankfully Google figured this out. Google’s algorithm has gotten much better at understanding natural language and is hip to black hat techniques for getting higher rankings. Black hat techniques are underhanded ways to get your site higher up in search results i.e. hiring a company from overseas to build links into your website to try and make your website appear important . Google hates them.

With good content marketing you can go back to focusing on your customer.

So how does all your content marketing help your SEO? Your business needs to identify what keywords or searches are important to your business. An SEO business (like ourselves) can help you identify words that fit your business needs but aren’t impossible to penetrate. They can also help you identify words that should never be in your materials.

Once you know your business keyword list, make sure that each piece of content marketing addresses only one of those keywords.

If customers or potential customers share your content on social media this adds to the authenticity of your brand. It acknowledges that you are an expert and once again, Google and Facebook reward that.


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