April 29th, 2011

Is Pay Per Click Management right for you?

Are you a company that had your secretary or office manager set up your Google Adwords, Bing, MSN or Face Book pay per click account and manage it? If yes, that’s OK. This is understandable when you are a busy business owner trying to find a way to improve his or her presence on the Internet. We find that is the case with most businesses trying to understand how to improve their traffic and on-line influence.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make, is when they create an add for their PPC program, that they don’t match what it says in the ad to the landing page on the website. If you are a contractor that does floors, kitchen kitchen remodeling etc and you are targeting floors in your ad, but it then links to a page on your site that talks about remodeling, what is that visitor going to do? Exactly, bounce off your page and try a different listing.

IMM knows PPC and how to optimize the dollars spent on click throughs. We have a team that will manage your PPC program efficiently and affordably. Contact us today to get a quote.


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