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If you want to build credibility in your industry with peers, current clients and prospects, there is no better way to do this than with value driven, quality content. IMM has a team of writers ready to help you achieve the credibility that your business deserves. We will choose topics, with your help, that focus on areas of your business and keywords that you want to grow. We then optimize the content, post it on your website blog and then syndicate through dozens of channels in order to drive new links to your website. Simple as 1, 2, 3!



When you search your name or business name, how many pages on Google do links to and from your website take up? If the answer is 3-5 or more, you are golden. You have been generating content and making sure that you website is getting linked to relevant websites. If you only take up a few spots on the first page of Google, then there is some work to be done.

Quality content helps to establish you and/or your business as the expert in your field. It also gets you votes from Google and improves your page rank more than any other technique to improve search. Business to business or business to consumer, don’t wait.

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