March 17th, 2015

IMM Founder Invited to Help Tech Entrepreneurs at Cornell’s PSW

IMM’s founder and CEO Jonathan Meyerhoff will be participating in a team panel for Cornell’s 2015 Pre-Seed Workshop. The Cornell University Institute of Biotechnology is looking to help foster entrepreneurialism within the community by hosting an event that will inspire people to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. The Pre-Seed Workshop (PSW) will allow potential new business owners to vet their technology ideas to determine their commercial viability by spending two and a half days speaking with local experts to answer key business questions.

A Bright Tech Idea

PSW-Cornell_EntrepreneurshipDo you have a creative or innovative business idea? Are you considering launching a new technology company but you aren’t sure where to start? These questions are the basis of Cornell’s PSW. Many people have innovative technologies or ideas they think will be revolutionary but they don’t know if their idea is viable. These entrepreneurs are looking for advice but they aren’t sure where to go for information. This leads to potentially lucrative businesses never getting off the ground or failing because the business owner didn’t receive the right information at the right time.

Ask the Experts

In developing the PSW, the Biotech Institute wanted participants to be able to receive real answers to specific questions. Therefore, instead of finding a series of guest lecturers, the Institute developed teams of experts who will work with entrepreneurs in hands on sessions during the workshop. These members are experts in the fields of technology, business, finance and legal.

As a team member, Jonathan Meyerhoff brings 20 years of entrepreneurship and sales experience to local entrepreneurs, as well as an understanding in Internet and off-line marketing. He will help evaluate business proposals presented at the workshop to determine their viability.

If you are interested in speaking with Jonathan Meyerhoff about your business idea, Click Here and fill out the IMM Marketing Interview.


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