September 25th, 2018

Google Implemented 2453 Changes to Search in 2017, is Your Website Keeping Up?

In a recent CNBC article, Google indicated that it made 2453 changes to their search engine in 2017.

Of course, the “2,453 search changes” can be anything from small design changes to major algorithm updates. Google does not officially disclose the number of algorithm changes, but these changes can impact website rankings across the entire internet or in some cases they can target industry specific websites as in the case of the recent “Medic Update”.

At IMM we continually monitor our managed clients to make sure that when Google makes changes to search.

  • Is the change impacting their website rankings negatively?
  • Is the change in their website search ranking temporary?
  • If the change involves structural changes, how do we address it. The recent Google Chrome https Update was one such development change.

This is a level of security our clients are afforded that is not provided by the DIY websites.

Creating a website isn’t a build it and forget it process, your website store needs to be as active as if it were on a “brick and mortar” store on a busy street corner. Using a “build-it-yourself” website builder or a web service that isn’t focused on SEO and optimization is just like building your store on the wrong street.

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