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Our Approach

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a moving target. It continuously changes and it’s the reason that here at IMM we are constantly researching and staying on top of the changes that Google integrates into its search algorithm. On-page SEO is the foundation from which to build your web presence. It’s how you tell Google and other search engines exactly what keywords that your overall website is relevant for and what each individual page should rank for. The factors involved have to do with the websites 508 attributes (title, description, H1, Alt tags etc), website architecture and coding, design etc. Once your website has its foundation, then you need to focus on off-page SEO or “Content Marketing.”



Properly executed SEO will drive qualified visitors, ready to purchase your product or service to your website. Whether you run a business to business or business to consumer company, top ranking for your most relevant keywords translates into more business, prestige and more control over your online destiny. Our team at IMM has over 1o years of experience implementing SEO campaigns.

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