April 22nd, 2014

The Internet and The Matrix


By Jonathan Meyerhoff

Internet Marketing and the MatrixWell as a guy who has been studying the inner workings of the Internet and search for over 15 years and who has also studied and practiced yoga and meditation for close to 20 years, the idea of the Internet becoming like the movie “The Matrix” is not too far fetched to me. That meaning, melding consciousness and the human element or electromagnetic force with the Internet, which would enable someone to virtually travel through cyber space and experience virtual realities. Also the possibility of uploading programs or knowledge into the human brain could happen when you think about it

Whether this will manifest in our time or ever, it’s very interesting to think about. It is my prediction that within the next decade, we will see something arise that enables humans to connect to the Internet directly from the brain via some kind of API or application. This is just one more reason to build your own Internet empire around your business in order to have more control of your “Internet World” or Matrix. Having a website or blog is like having real estate on the Internet and the sooner that you build up your real estate the better. This is done through expanding your social media platforms, video marketing,content marketing and press release syndication, social bookmarking, creating multiple blogs, establishing redundant servers or hosts, establishing relationships with complimentary high authority websites and getting links from them, creating websites for all of your interests and connecting them together etc. The possibilities are endless and keep expanding. So don’t blink…





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