May 10th, 2016

5 Reasons to Integrate your Brand into your Content Marketing Strategy

ContentMarketing-BrandingIn our age of changing technologies and the emphasis on content marketing for business, it would be easy to forget one of the most important elements of content strategies: branding. Effective branding does not just happen automatically. It’s not as simple as a logo or a catchy jingle. Branding must be integrated with your SEO content strategies in order to increase the reputation of your brand in a positive way. It must include the most important elements of your brand while also addressing what the search engines want in terms of SEO and content. How do you do this?

Here are five tips if you are just getting starting with your online content strategy that will help get your brand noticed while addressing the key elements of sound content marketing:

1 – Write for people first. Remember that the content you produce is for people, not machines. And while you are also inserting key words that search engines will pick up, the most important element is your content, and it should be rich in information. You should focus on giving visitors something valuable when they visit your site, so that they will be inspired to return. Engaging visitors on a regular basis with sound, quality content is the best way to increase your engagement and conversions.

2 – Write for SEO. Secondly, you need to keep in mind that, while Google has lowered the importance of keywords somewhat due to their latest changes, key words do still have importance in the search process. So, as a business owner, you will want to think about what key words (including long-tailed key words) people will use to find what you have to offer. For example, if you sell farm equipment, you may want to rank for “farm equipment.” But this is very general, so in addition, you will want to include terms like, “John Deere farm equipment” (if you sell John Deere products), “farming irrigation equipment,” and other terms. You need to think like the searcher so that you get quality leads and visitors who are wanting what you have to offer.

3 – Include a great design. Google has emphasizes that there is more to good rankings and content marketing than just great content. Content IS king, but Google Analytics considers your logo, design, and branding almost as important in terms of site quality. This is partly due to the fact that there are so many mobile users online today. Your site must be responsive to mobile users, as well as traditional desktop users and it must look and function well in all contexts. So focus on your design, which will not only improve your brand’s image, but your Google rankings as well.

4 – Engage your viewers with social media. This point cannot be emphasized enough. Social media is the single most important thing you can do to increase your visitor interest and engagement and spread the word about your brand. Many companies are now hiring full-time social media managers to fill this need so that they can handle the comments and interactions that occur daily via social media networks. This is also a part of reputation management and is necessary to levelize problems that can crop up on social media with bad product reviews.

5 – Get in touch with your brand’s philosophy. When Steve Jobs came back to Apple after being fired by a hostile takeover in his company years ago, one of the first things he said to the board of directors was: “We need to get in touch with who we are again.” What he meant by this is that a brand must know their philosophy and what drives them to excellence. What makes your company unique? What says to someone, “I just have to have one of these?” Your brand’s ideals will drive your success if you go back to the roots of what your business is all about. So be authentic and get in touch with your roots, as to why you started your business. This will show in your brand.

SEO and content marketing strategies are still important in today’s digital and social media world. But we cannot forget how this is all tied in with branding. Branding is the embodiment of your company’s face to the public. What do people think of your brand? Is your design reflective of your company’s philosophies? Can people tell when they come to your website that you have pride in your brand? If not, your site might need an overhaul. You need great SEO, you need great engaging content, social media presence, and a great design. Tie it all together and you have what you need to drive a successful digital marketing campaign.

Article by Jonathan Meyerhoff


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